Muscle by Russell [MbR] is a Personalized Fitness Studio that supports and promotes physical strength.  In a world where fun and exercise meet; you will find Muscle by Russell.  With our family atmosphere each of our experienced trainers will dance, smile and guide you to a healthier you.

OUR STUDIO offers a private and energizing environment, with top of the line  fitness equipment. 

OUR CERTIFIED TRAINERS have over twenty-five years of combined fitness experience.  We work one on one with each client to develop their full potential and achieve their personal fitness goals.

OUR MISSION is to become the premier fitness studio on the west coast.

OUR PURPOSE is to create healthy lifestyles for the communites we are fortunate enough to serve, and to help motivate our young people to take good care of their bodies.

This is your official welcome to the MbR website and we ask that you take your time to explore.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our locations!


Russell (Razzy) Jenkins



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